Inspire, Inform, and Transform.

Michael’s presentations and talks are tailored to inspire, inform, and transform. Drawing on years of experience, he delivers dynamic talks using engaging stories, thoughtful conversations, and evidence-based information that resonate with diverse audiences, leaving a lasting impact long after the session ends. 

With a deep-rooted passion for self-care and foundational health, he discusses the keys to nurturing both physical, emotional, and mental well-being. Michael’s focus is to make his audience aware of factors they may or may not have known were affecting their health and give simple solutions to change them. Anyone looking to fortify their self-care routine and be able to live and perform optimally will be an engaged audience member.

He is sought after in the running and coaching world. He has spoken all over the USA taking his 20 years of experience in the distance running world working with runners of all levels from Olympic competitors to weekend warriors. He looks to create a paradigm shift in runners when it comes to their self-care, injury prevention, and performance optimization. These talks are customized for the audience and the venue and can range from active workshops to lecture and keynote-style talks.

Michael consistently scores high in post-presentation surveys and has been asked to return to many venues. He has been ranked as the #1 speaker in multi-day events several times.

Contact him to discuss the type of engagement you are interested in hosting.