Michael Silva

Speaker, Coach, Consultant

Consulting & Coaching

Michael’s 25 years of experience in the healthcare & fitness worlds 

2 decades of business ownership, and grew up in a family business.  

With this experiential knowledge and advanced training & mentoring he received 

as a professional, he has a lot to offer.

Years Experience
0 +

Keynote speeches, and clinics on how to improve your health, your performance, and your life!

Michael’s presentations and talks are tailored to inspire, inform, and transform. Drawing on years of experience, He delivers dynamic talks using engaging stories, thoughtful conversations, and evidence-based information that resonate with diverse audiences small and large.

Experienced entrepreneur in healthcare and small business.

His business acumen converge with his own journey as an owner, aging athlete, husband, and father to help guide you toward business success with work/life balance.