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Helping people since 1995!

Growing up Michael spent time helping out in the family business and learned firsthand how to build a successful small business from ground zero.  After college, he started in the fitness world in 1995 and then became an orthopedic/sports medicine physical therapist in 1999. 

He was the president and founder of FOUNDATIONperformance Sports Medicine for 20 years before selling his practice and exiting successfully.  They were a leading outpatient physical therapy practice in New England with three offices and in two states.  He is also the creator of RUNstrong®: A comprehensive conditioning program for runners and coaches (find out more about RUNstrong® here).  His experience and expertise in the running world have allowed Michael to work with amazing athletes from all over the world including Olympians and world record holders.  He has traveled all over the USA to educate and motivate runners and coaches through lectures, clinics, keynote speeches, and as a guest panelist. 

After exiting the clinical setting Michael’s mission is to be a resource to you, the small business owner and entrepreneur.   Helping you thrive optimally in business is his mission; he knows that a good business is built on relationships and self-awareness.  And that business will succeed when the customer experience is optimized!

He is committed to empowering you with the tools and knowledge needed to not only meet your personal and business goals but to surpass them.

He is an aging athlete, father, husband, and entrepreneur.